Pain ManagementDoes your pet suffer from chronic pain? Pets experience pain in much the same way people do. Painful conditions such as osteoarthritis can often limit the mobility and ability of a dog or cat to be their usual playful selves. Fortunately there a number of safe medications formulated specifically for dogs and cats that help alleviate most pain.

The doctors at Paws Mobile Clinic can not only determine what may be causing pain, but can prescribe pain preventatives for your furry family member as well. If your pet does not exercise and play like they once did, a painful condition may be the cause. Call the caring team at 4 Paws, and we will come to your home!

This a monthly pain injection given to cats with chronic pain and osteoarthritis.

A monthly pain injection given to dogs with osteoarthritis,-Post-Prescription-Pet-Owner-Leaflet,-PDF,-UK,-Feb-2021,-MM-11757.pdf

K Laser Therapy
A painless, non-invasive form of pain management. It decreases pain and inflammation using a powerful laser light that increases circulation to the affected area thereby stimulating the body’s natural healing process.