Heartworm TestingHeartworm disease has been diagnosed in all fifty states, and is extremely common in the Southside Peninsula areas. Immature heartworms are transmitted when a mosquito takes a blood meal from an infected animal and is spread to both dogs, as well as cats through a bite from the mosquito.

To determine if your dog may have heartworms, Four Paws Mobile Clinic carries the most accurate blood tests available in veterinary medicine. A simple blood sample can alert Dr. Dragon or Dr. White to the presence of heartworms in your beloved pet in a matter of minutes. If heartworms are diagnosed, our caring doctors can explain available treatment options.

It is always less expensive and more effective to prevent heartworms, than it is to treat them. Four Paws carries the safest and best heartworm preventatives available for both your dog, as well as your cat. Call Four Paws Mobile Clinic to have your four-legged friend tested for heartworms today.